DeForest Soap Company™ is a family-owned and operated natural soap producer. We were founded on the idea that what you put ON your body is as important as what you put in it.

There was a time when people had a connection to their purveyors and the goods that they offered were simple and pure. DeForest Soap Company strives to provide a natural cleansing bar with ingredients you can pronounce, oils that nourish your body and essential extracts to delight your senses.

DeForest Soaps are handcrafted in Kansas City, Missouri by our family. Our products are of exceptional quality, made in small batches using time-honored traditions; slowly, with care and only the best natural ingredients.

DeForest Soaps: from our hearts to your home; local, quality products rooted in traditional greatness.

Holly and Larry DeForest


Many of our soaps are offered in a choice of base types. The three we offer are the Standard all-vegetable style, the Patchwork Farms lard and vegetable blend, or the Local Pig lard and vegetable blend. Read more about our soap types.


Cedarwood essential oil gives this bar a sweet, earthy, and woodsy aroma and instantly takes you to a cedar forest. It is a scent for everyone and a great way to start or end a day. This bar will surely please the outdoor enthusiast with its fresh forest scent.

Patchwork Bar: $6 Local Pig Bar: $0 Standard Bar: $5


The koala bears know something. Eucalyptus essential oil gives this bar an herbal scent with woody undertones. Although consumption is not recommended unless you are a koala bear eucalyptus contains many soothing and healing properties for the skin and it just smells refreshing. Made with Patchwork Family Farms lard.

Patchwork Bar: $6 Local Pig Bar: $0 Standard Bar: $5


A spicy rich blend of essential oils. Hints of sugar and selected spices has made this bar a fall favorite.

Patchwork Bar: $6 Local Pig Bar: $6 Standard Bar: $5

Fresh Oats

An all-natural all fragrance free lard and vegetable soap with the finely ground organic oats. Pure and clean, this bar provides a chemical free exfoliate leaving the face and body fresh and clean.

Patchwork Bar: $6 Local Pig Bar: $0 Standard Bar: $5

Lavender Buds

Reminiscent of an English Country Side this bar has a rich floral, fruity scent and is a classic for both men and women. The dried lavender buds exfoliate the skin and the lavender essential oil has been found to be beneficial to the skin.

Patchwork Bar: $6 Local Pig Bar: $0 Standard Bar: $5


Lemongrass essential oil gives this soap a neutral, earthy, lightly citrus scent. Mild and calming this is a great soap with many beneficial properties after a stress filled day.

Patchwork Bar: $0 Local Pig Bar: $6 Standard Bar: $0

Lemongrass Ginger

A Patchwork Family Farms Exclusive. Lemongrass and Ginger essential oils are blended to perfection for this exclusive Bar. An earthy citrusy bar with a spicy and woody peppery ginger kick to start off or end a day. This is a lard soap aficionado's favorite.

Patchwork Bar: $6 Local Pig Bar: $0 Standard Bar: $0

Lemon Green Tea

This bar carries the sweet herbal fragrance of finely ground organic green tea with a hint of lemon created by the inclusion of lemon essential oil. The finely ground green tea known as matcha powder has been used in Asia for centuries to aid in health and wellbeing and is known to be loaded with anti-oxidants. This is a fantastic facial bar that can be used on the entire body leaving the skin bright and silky smooth.

Patchwork Bar: $0 Local Pig Bar: $0 Standard Bar: $5


Spice and floral combine to make a refreshing bar for after an intense game or just a hard day. The scent possesses a blend of green notes, herbs, and complex spice. Make this bar an essential part of the cool down and relaxation.

Patchwork Bar: $6 Local Pig Bar: $0 Standard Bar: $0

Spring Floral

Takes you to a perfect spring morning with subtle scents of floral blooms bringing a wonderfully calm experience anytime.

Patchwork Bar: $6 Local Pig Bar: $0 Standard Bar: $5

Tea Tree Citrus

The tea tree essential oil can benefit your skin in so many wonderful ways and is known to have many uses. One way is use after gardening where tea tree oil has been known to reduce the risk of skin rash, which is always a good thing.

Patchwork Bar: $0 Local Pig Bar: $0 Standard Bar: $5

Weston Tobacco

This soap was inspired by the small Missouri Town of Weston located northwest of Kansas City along the Missouri River. Weston is a tobacco town surrounded by rolling hills planted with tobacco. In the fall the tobacco is harvested and cured in barns. The scent drifting from these rooms is captured in this bar. The scent is extremely complex and rich with nuances of tobacco leaf, tobacco blossom, vanilla and woody undertones. This is a fragrance scented soap.

Patchwork Bar: $0 Local Pig Bar: $6 Standard Bar: $5

Types of Soaps

Standard Bar Soaps

An all-vegetable luxury bar scented with natural essential oil. Handcrafted with Olive and other natural vegetable oils rich in vitamin E. These bars are good for the whole body.


The Local Pig All-Lard Soaps

We have partnered with Local Pig Charcuterie of the famous Kansas City, Missouri, River Market community to develop an all-natural lard based luxury bar. This bar contains lard and as many know lard makes a very luxurious soap. We agree and you should too if you have no objections to animal products.


Patchwork Family Farms Lard Bar Soaps

Patchwork Family Farms is composed of 15 independent family hog farmers who raise hogs the traditional way and that tradition results in a very high quality and rich lard. We have partnered with Patchwork to create a line of soaps using lard from their farmer's hogs. When you purchase a Patchwork Lard Soap a portion of the money supports Missouri farm families.


Where to Buy

Map of retailers

Market 3

114 West 3rd StreetKansas CityMO 64105 United States map
816 268 7833

Feldmans Farm & Home

Liberty, MO
1332 W Kansas StreetLibertyMO 64068 United States map
816 792 0994
Feldmans Farm & Home
Blue Springs, MO
310 South 7 HighwayBlue SpringsMO 64014 United States map
816 229 2221
Feldmans Farm & Home
Bonner Springs, KS
430 North 130th StBonner SpringsKS 66012 United States map
913 721 2420

Green Acres Market

Bradley Fair
8141 E 21stWichitaKS 67206 United States map
316 634 1088
Green Acres Market
Clear Lakes
2315 W 21st #115WichitaKS 67203 United States map
316 832 1227
Green Acres Market
6574 E Central AvenueWichitaKS 67206 United States map
316 685 4283
Green Acres Market
21st & Maize
10505 W 21st. St. #600WichitaKS 67205 United States map
316 729 4365
Green Acres Market
Briarcliff Village
4175 N Mulberry DriveKansas CityMO 64116 United States map
816 746 0010


River Market
507 Walnut StreetKansas CityMO 64106 United States map
816 216 1425

The Roasterie

1204 W 27th StreetKansas CityMO 64108 United States map
816 931 4000

Made in Kansas City

4155 N. Mulberry DriveKansas CityMO 64116 United States map
816 349 9646
Made in Kansas City
8231 Corinth MallPrairie VillageKS 66208 United States map
913 652 6509
Made in Kansas City
5501 W 135th StreetOverland ParkKS 66223 United States map
913 735 0009

Patchwork Family Farms

1108 Rangeline StreetColumbiaMO 65201 United States map
573 443 1568
Patchwork Family Farms
Clovers Natural Market East Broadway
2012 East BroadwayColumbiaMO 65201 United States map
800 686 6659
Patchwork Family Farms
Hy-Vee Columbia West Broadway
3100 West BroadwayColumbiaMO 65201 United States map
573 447 0133
Patchwork Family Farms
Hy-Vee Columbia Nifong
405 E Nifong BlvdColumbiaMO 65201 United States map
573 442 8595
Patchwork Family Farms
Hy-Vee Jefferson City Capital Mall
3721 West Truman BoulevardJefferson CityMO 65109 United States map
573 893 2505

The Local Pig

2618 Guinotte Ave., Kansas City, MO 64120 United States map
816 200 1639

Modern Man Supply Co

4118 Broadway Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64111 United States map
816 673 3672


All DeForest soaps are hand made right here in Kansas City. Shipping is via FedEX or USPS express services and should arrive within 3 to 5 days.

Shipping is approximately $3.50 for 1-2 bars, and $6 for 3-5 bars. Shipping is FREE for orders of 6 or more bars

At this time, DeForest soaps can only be shipped within the US.

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None of DeForest Soap's products are intended for the treatment of any medical condition. Please read labels carefully to avoid any known allergens and discontinue use immediately if any irritation occurs.